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Who We Do It For

US Government Agencies

Koniag Government Service companies provide full end-to end solutions, staff support and expertise – which includes a full range of Information Technology, health care technology, systems engineering, financial management, program management, security, and acquisition support.  We serve the Social Security Administration, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, General Service Administration, Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Defense Information Systems Agency, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Whitehouse Communications Agency,  Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Privacy & Civil Liberties Oversight Board, the Department of Interior, the Department of Transportation, Department of State, and the Department of Energy.

Higher Education, and Health Care

Professional Computing Resources (PCR), a Koniag Government Service company has a vibrant history of supporting Higher Education and Health Care organizations.  The PCR-360 technology management system is uniquely qualified to help educational and healthcare institutions manage emerging technologies with a high degree of efficiency while reducing associated operating costs.  The clients we serve include Colorado State University, Indiana State University, Indiana University, Ohio State University, Purdue University, San Francisco State University, Texas A&M University, U. C.L.A., University of Colorado, University of Iowa, Virginia Commonwealth University, Wayne State University, Western Washington University, Boston Children's Hospital, Bronson Hospital, Detroit Med. Center and the Ohio State Medical Center.

State and Local

State and local Governments have also found that Koniag Government Service product and services valuable when providing public services to their citizens.  The state governments and local agencies we support include the Maryland, District of Columbia, Denver International Airport, Maricopa County, and Rhode Island.


While most Koniag Government Service customers are government, education or healthcare organizations, we also provide technology support for the following commercial clients:  AT&T, Ford Motor Co., Motorola, and Dell Computers.